The Malika Surf Camp is located straight at the beach and totally immerse in the local culture.



No matter what your surf level is, we can take care of you from the basis till perfectioning some manouvres. You can find more details in our surf coaching package.

Road Trips

Discover Senegal with Aziz, he can planify your trip to your needs and bring you to explore the Country! Daily trips or more days trips are offered.


What a better warm up for your body? Yoga in our shala in front of the ocean, with the only noise of the waves! You can join our program on daily basis!

Beach Volley

Beach volley is a true game of physical endurance and flexibility, same as surfing! No matter if you are a regular player or a beginner, we have options for you!

Yoff plage BCEAO

3 reasons to stay

1) You always have a wave to surf, everyday, all along the year. Messy or glassy, big or small, this spot needs just a little swell to work.
2) This is the only beach of the peninsula where you can enjoy running for kilometers, play beach volley or football even with the locals.
3) As you are on the mainland, it's easy to find a taxi 24h, shops or go out at night.

Welcome to Senegal

Surfing with Malika

You can arrive the day that you want and stay as long as you prefer.

Be sure that you'll progress a lot in surfing!

Courses and Activities

All these activities are accessible to everyone, even when you don't live in the surf camp.

Groups Surf Lessons
We run surf lessons, any levels every day, in Yoff beach or…
Private Lessons
Private lessons are available and settled on your personal goals.
Equipment rental
At the Malika Surf Shop you’ll find the a good choice of…
Yoga / Surf training
Feel welcome to join our morning sessions and wake up the body…
Beach Volley
Do you know that surfers created the beach-volleyball game? They did it…
Daily surf trips
When barrels for breakfast are the plans of your holidays….
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