Breakfast and dinner are always included in our packages. Not resident in the camp are welcome to stay for dinner.

Breakfast options are milk, coffee, tea, juice, bread, butter, chocolate, cheese and marmalade. Our marmalade is produced in Senegal and we have the following flavors: bissup (from the ibiscus tree), baobab, mango and papaya.

For dinner, we use to mix local and European cooking to assure a very healthy food.

The popular dish is called “thiep bu jend” (rice and fish) which is a very rich dish with fish, rice and local vegetables (carrots, magnoca, cauliflower, eggplants).There is also a version with meat which is called “thiep bu yapp”.

There is always a fresh salad of lettuce, cucumber and tomatoes and a dessert of fruit.

We do offer vegetarian and vegan options, just tell us in advance!

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