Started on juillet 21, 2024

Ready for a downpatrol surf ? 

Here we go ! After checking the swell direction and the tides, we can make the plan to surf as much as possible the waves of the day. The peninsula offers different kind of waves, right and left hander, and our local surf guide service is perfect to discover our waves and to have some tips on your surfing.


surf guide service (by boat and by car)half dayfull day
with our surf equipment12000 CFA (19 €)20000 CFA (31 €)
with your own surf equipment10000 CFA (15 €)15000 CFA (23 €)
more daysask for a quotaask for a quota
rent your own car (at least two days) /25000 CFA (40 €) / day

  • prices can change according to the number of surfers
  • trips are also possible outside the Dakar region to explore perfect points on the the south

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