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It is a recreational diving role which includes organizing and leading recreational…
Underwater Naturalist
It teaches divers to view the aquatic ecosystems objectively and understand the…
Beach Volley
Do you know that surfers created the beach-volleyball game? They did it…
Adventure Diver
The course is for those who are into digital underwater photography, fish…
Skin Diving Course
The skin diving course allows you to practice going underwater without the…
Open Water Scuba Diving
This course will give you the basic certificate for recreational scuba diving…

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Surfing on the North Coast
From Ngor Island, through Virage up to Yoff. The coast is exposed…
Surfing on the South Coast
The south coast of the peninsula, well known under the name of…
Surfing outside the peninsula
Outside the peninsula you can find different kinds of waves: right and…

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